About the Authors

Ron Hall

Born in Texas in 1945, Ron Hall, a graduate of Texas Christian University, was a wealthy art gallery owner and international art dealer. After encouragement from his wife, Deborah Hall, Ron Hall began volunteering at a Mission for the homeless in Fort Worth. Despite his own reservations and initial prejudices, Ron Hall befriended Denver Moore. After Deborah Hall died, Ron Hall continued his work with the homeless by speaking at events around the United States. He has received many awards and recognitions for his work.

Denver Moore

Denver Moore was born in 1937 in rural Louisiana, and he grew up picking cotton. He experienced poverty, childhood tragedy, the effects of racism, and violence. After surviving prison, Denver Moore was homeless for 22 years. In Fort Worth, he met Ron and Deborah Hall, who were volunteering at a mission that served the homeless. Over time, their relationship developed and Denver Moore overcame his sense of hopelessness through his deepening spirituality. Denver Moore became a motivational speaker and fine art painter, spending the last part of his life raising awareness of homelessness. He passed away in 2012.

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